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  • I've been going to Sarah's classes for over a year and a half now, and I'm still never bored! The pace is just right and the variety is great. But the best thing about Sarah is that she is so motivational. She is always enthusiastic and cheerful, she makes you feel good about yourself no matter what level of ability you have, and she inspires you to keep practising and pushing yourself.

  • I attend the class Sarah now has in the Hutt Valley and I love it. She is full of energy and is so helpful and friendly that you always feel welcome. I love how she give you different levels for each excercise so you can push yourself as much as you can depending on your ability. She always thanks us for coming, as if she could keep us away!

  • Sarah's classes are fabulous! I've been to a number of yoga and Pilates teachers over the years and I have say that Sarah not only keeps the classes varied but the momentum is great too. Workouts are challenging without being too over the top. Everyone gets to work at their own level and you get to celebrate the achievements. Fun and invigorating, great enthusiasm and definitely worthwhile. Join up to day. Oh did I mention - fabulous value too!

  • Sarah's classes are always a joy to attend. She is a great teacher who makes you feel welcome no matter what your fitness or flexibility levels are.

  • I have been to many different Yoga classes around the Wellington region in search of a class and an instructor who works for me. Sarah is an amazing instructor and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Yoga/Pilates class with a holistic view on lifestyle and exercise.

  • I highly recommended trying Sarah's classes. She manages to combine a productive workout with lots of fun and different movements to keep the sessions really interesting, all in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Is there nothing about exercise this woman doesn't know! I love Sarah's enthusiasm and high energy. And it's always great to have a trainer whose bod you aspire to :) Keep up the great work, Sarah!

  • I highly recommended trying Sarah's classes. She manages to combine a productive workout with lots of fun and different movements to keep the sessions really interesting, all in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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  • Just want to say thank you so much for yesterday it’s the first time in years my back hasn't hurt I cannot believe how much better it feels I still have my sore knees and neck but hoping over the next few weeks that will go too. I didn't expect instant results so am happily surprised. I can also feel I have abs today!!

  • When I first started coming to your class, I had lower back pain and also tight shoulders and excruciating pain in between my shoulder blades, Now I have no lower back pain at all and even though I have been under a lot of stress lately and working long hours etc, I haven’t got any tension holding between my shoulder blades so don’t feel the need to have a painful massage! :)

  • Hi Sarah, just wanted to thank you publicly for the classes. Passed my fitness test last week which was a breeze for the first time in years. Then flew through my medical with all my readings at good level. Just signed my contract for another 2 years with the defence force. Your motivation and encouragement has been an inspiration.

  • Can highly recommend Sarah as a Pilates/yoga instructor! I'm 20 weeks pregnant and she ensures that all exercises are safe for me to do and offers alternatives to cater for the expanding tummy! I thoroughly enjoy the sessions each week and will continue post pregnancy, no better way to relax and de-stress and is so enjoyable - much rather do this than go to the gym! Thanks Sarah :)

  • Love all of Sarah's classes - they seem to change every time - Sarah makes you work hard but we have loads of fun doing it ... I'm seeing results big time and I love going to class in such a friendly comfortable environment - come along you'll love it & the time flies ... keep up the great work Sarah - Merry Christmas peeps

  • Sarah makes the classes fun, Pilates classes are small and comfortable and her one on one training sessions are just amazing. She is such a caring and encouraging trainer that gets results. Highly recommend her to anyone. Best thing I have done for myself in a long time :)

  • Sarah is fun, encouraging and professional. I've learnt loads about what different exercises are for and got some really good workouts too. The classes are comfortable and welcoming. Sarah is a great teacher you'll love her and yoga/Pilates by the end of the first session.

  • Love Sarah and her classes! The time zips by with her clever guidance and encouragement.

  • Excellent Pilates classes provided by Sarah. She is VERY knowledgeable and has been able to adapt exercises for me due to injury. I look forward to Wednesday, when I get to go to Sarah's class.

  • Great for flexibility, strength and mobility. Sarah is a great teacher and a lot of fun!

  • I suffer from back pain and find that Sarah's sessions greatly assist in relieving the discomfort. Excellent sessions

  • I find Sarah's classes suit me really well as I am a beginner at Pilates/ yoga. I enjoy the small classes as there is individual attention.

  • Thank you Sarah for making the classes so enjoyable to come to! I look forward to the class on Saturday all week.

  • I'm really enjoying going to this class. The routines are really helping me getting more mobility out of my spine and other parts of my body. Thanks also Sarah for making it fun! Your experience shows. I'm really looking forward to my next session:)